WEBINAR: Understanding Space Domain Awareness

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Space Domain Awareness - the ability to rapidly detect, characterize, warn, attribute, and predict threats to space systems - is one of the top priorities for U.S. Space Command. Those who are interested in learning about the key systems and programs supporting the U.S. Space Force's effort to attain the level of Space Domain Awareness (SDA) necessary to counter growing threats from adversaries should attend. Aviation Week editors discussed the concept itself, current Space Force terrestrial and in-space programs aimed at increasing SDA and research programs that aim to improve future capabilities.

This webinar will discuss:

  • About key Space Force SDA programs
  • Challenges to their success
  • Future research for in-space SDA systems
  • How the military is leveraging commercial capabilities





Brian Everstine
Pentagon Editor, Aviation Week Network

Garrett Reim
Space and Emerging Technologies Editor, Aviation Week Network

Ryan E. Conroy
Assistant Principal Director, Commercial Space Futures Office, The Aerospace Corporation

Jen DiMascio - Moderator
Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network