AC-U-KWIK Premium
AC-U-KWIK Premium
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Annual subscription provides online access to information for airports, FBOs, and aviation support services around the world, PLUS direct email, phone number and web addresses to contact airports, FBOs, handlers, fuel and service providers for over 8000 airports worldwide. Updated regularly.


Product Information

The AC-U-KWIK Premium is a year-long subscription that opens up AC-U-KWIK data for more than 8,000

INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC AIRPORTS worldwide. Features also include:

  • Access to all airports on the AC-U-KWIK app and online
  • Clearances
  • Passport, Visa, and Health Tool
  • North American and International Airport Frequencies-Tower, AFS/AFTN, ATIS, SITA and CTAF, Unicom
  • PCN, AOE Remarks, Airport General Remarks for All Airports
  • Phone/Fax for international restrictions and info
  • Additional details for all North American and International airport services--Caterers, Maintenance, Charter and more
  • Additional details for all North American and International FBOs, Handlers
  • Hotel information for airports wordwide
  • Email address and website links for contacts at airports, FBOs, handlers fuel suppliers, ground transportation, maintenance, catering and charter providers
  • Airport general remarks
  • Fire category remarks